What we do 

Our Approach

We recognize that businesses are unique and one size does not fit all, therefore we provide personalized support which is tailored to meet our client’s business needs. We take time to delve into and understand the client, their business and organization. We are able to relate to small business and we’ve tailored our services to meet their needs because we recognize that small businesses have limited resources and often, great potential.

Work Highlights

Entrepreneurship Training at the GIBS Enterprise Development Academy.
Adjudicated a number of business plans pitches.
Created an online learning module on the African Management Initiative (
Written a book for entrepreneurs called "The Small Business Handbook".
Designed and implemented an entrepreneurial academy.

Including Entrepreneurial Content Creation and Entrepreneurship. Most businesses just focus on either selling their product or service but don’t spend the time to ensure they have a business model that works; that is sustainable and is adaptable over time. Through workshop type sessions, we work together with our clients, to improve or re-design their business model and identify ways to optimize their growth.
Including Mentoring and Business Plan Adjudication. Targeted specifically at start-ups, we teach entrepreneurs to write or improve their business plans. This is a step by step process, whereby we brainstorm and guide entrepreneurs to create their own business plans based on their specific vision and mission.
Including Project Design and Strategy Development . Most small business owners don’t have the capacity to sit and understand things such as their business trends, risks and opportunities and therefore do not foresee shifts in the marketplace till it’s too late. This service is targeted at owners who want to focus on the business; preempt market shifts and continuously improve their services to meet their customer’s needs. We analyze the business; look at financials and profitability; understand market trends and provide insights which will enable them to work effectively and make decisions which will grow and make the business sustainable.
Most businesses have inherent processes and procedures, but they are not properly documented; standardized; stored; systematically reviewed and shared. Through our years of experience in the corporate sector we are aware how important structure and systems are to ensure sustainability. We help businesses to document their processes; procedures and also guide them to create systems that will keep the documents up to date and visible to the organization.

Customer #1

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Mhleni Kubeka, Managing Director
Dimakatso Sekhoto

Mhleni Trading & Projects Management

"I worked with Nokwazi. I highly recommend her as a business plan facilitator . She's quite skilled and will walk with you through each step . You will learn a lot from her, I did. My business plan was amongst the recommended by the panel."

Mhleni Kubeka, Managing Director

Makolobane Farming Enterprises

"My first impression of Nokwazi was one of a focused professional who genuinely wants to assist. Her expertise and understanding in the subject matter of how to compile a business plan is astounding. Even though she knew very little about my industry she was still able to show me how to focus my thinking around the importance on creating an effective business plan that best describes my objective and caters directly to my audience. I recommend Nokwazi to any business as she is an intelligent and pleasant businesswoman, she would be a great asset to have on any team."

Dimakatso Sekhoto

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